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Does "normal life" seem more and more difficult to attain or defend in Southern California? Are you dropping your jaw at the price of homes, asking, "Why? Why friggin' WHY?" Do you smack your forehead when someone in Sacramento says the subway will solve traffic problems? Are you constantly citing examples of "the wussification of America," and would you really send your kids to a public school in LA county? Are you "your kids' mom/dad," and have you ever called the wild card line?

You're a KFI fan and you've found our LJ watering hole.

This community is for fans of any of the shows on KFI and any of the issues discussed on the station, be they hot political topics like illegal immigration, supernatural phenomena, no-nonsense fitness, or crass jokes aimed at the ACLU and the LA Times.

We welcome ranting and raving here.

If you're pro-illegal immigration, anti-American, "Free Mumia!" brainwashed, then hit the back button on your browser right now and never, ever come back.

Everyone play fair. If you must slug out arguments here, do it like adults. Keep posts on topic of KFI news and issues addressed on the station, and things that make life in southern California crappy for the hard-working, legal middle class. If people from answer.org show up to spoil our fun, I'll print my boot on their ass.